A Collection of Past SCCC News Stories (Newest to Oldest)
The SBMS Microwave Contest - N6NB
May 2016
Probably not many SCCC members have ever gotten on the air to operate in the San Bernardino Microwave Society Contest, held last weekend (April 30-May 1), but they will surely recognize some of the calls of people who did get on for this exotic microwave contest.

As an organization, SBMS is a little like SCCC. It's a regional entity that attracts people from four or five counties to its meetings. As far as anyone knows, this club has never met in San Bernardino, but some of its founders (engineers in the postwar era) worked at a U.S. Navy research facility in Norco. They started meeting at the Corona American Legion Hall--and that tradition has continued for upwards of 50 years.              more
The Other Conference On April 14-17 - N6NB
April 2016
While about 800 contesters and DXers were gathered in Visalia, another amateur radio conference was under way on the opposite side of the United States. It was the VHF "Super Conference," a first-time event that was held near Washington, D.C.

The Super Conference resulted from a merger of the Eastern VHF Conference, sponsored by the Northeast Weak Signal Group (NEWS), the Mid-Atlantic VHF Conference, sponsored by the Mt. Airy VHF Radio Club (the Packrats) and the Southeast VHF Conference, sponsored by the Southeast VHF Society. Much of the work of hosting the conference was done by members of the Grid Pirates Contest Group (K8GP). Terry Price (W8ZN) and his wife Margie (K4MEP) seemed to be everywhere, pulling things together and solving problems. The event was held at the Dulles Airport Holiday Inn.

At the final count, 233 were registered for the Super Conference and a number of others dropped by.    more
SCCC April Meeting (L to R) N6NB N6MU AF6O N6HC W6OAR
April 2016
ZD8 Operators at SCCC & OCRG Get Together - N6HC
March 2016
ARRL UHF Contest 2016 Revived - N6NB
March 2016
After ARRL announced that it would not sponsor the UHF contest in 2016, a group of radio amateurs from coast to coast came together to make sure that the contest DOES occur as scheduled on Aug. 6-7, 2016 (1800z Saturday until 1800z Sunday).

The sponsoring group includes the leaders of several large VHF-oriented clubs, two volunteers who write contest results articles for QST, the editor of the "World Above 50 MHz" column in QST, two people with extensive computer log-checking expertise, and others who are concerned about the future of contesting on the amateur bands above 222 MHz.

We believe that continuity is important in amateur radio contests. We do not want even a one-year hiatus for a contest that has been an annual tradition for almost 40 years.
SCCC & OCRG Get Together
February 2016
Our guest speaker will be Dennis Vernacchia, N6KI.

This program is for anyone who would be interested in hearing how soldiers during the Vietnam War, got to talk home to their families and friends when long distance overseas telephone rates were prohibitive for the average income person and/or no phone lines existed at bases and remote outposts in Vietnam. Only some pertinent logistics of the MARS Vietnam system will be presented to outline the difficulties the Army MARS administrators caused us.

The talk will also show how the cunning and "Yankee Ingenuity" by a 20 year old, marginally trained soldier, shanghaied into an elite and remotely isolated combat Airborne Infantry unit firebase, managed to mostly stay out of harm's way and employ all his very focused civilian skills, as a young ham radio operator, to provide one of the best morale boosting services for his fellow comrades when he maneuvered himself into the penultimate job his skills could offer his unit.

Because the U.S. Army did not have a formal assigned MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) as MARS Operator, as did the Air Force, Navy/Marines, many other hams that served in the U.S. Army in Vietnam had similar experiences getting into MARS stations which possibly may have also saved their lives, or at a minimum, their mental sanity, by applying their ham radio skills learned in civilian life.

Poignant audio clips, recorded in the late 1960s segment of the war, of soldiers talking to their loved ones, interspersed with a unique collection of color and black and wide slides, will, at times, keep the audience on the edge of their seats, and again prove that Amateur Radio is a valuable public resource that, at times, can and has saved lives!

We will meet at the Hotel California - 10931 Hunting Horn Drive, Santa Ana, CA 92705-2499 on Saturday, February 13, 2016 at 2:30 PM. The program will commence about 3:00 PM. Please RSVP to Arnie by email at n6hc at aol.com or landline at 714-573-2965.