A Collection of Old SCCC News Stories (Newest to Oldest)
Ionospheric Disturbance
December 2013
Alarmed by the massive ionospheric disturbance detected within the Arctic Circle on the weekend of November 23-24, a team was dispatched to locate the source and determine what was causing it.

As they arrived in the Mojave area of Southern California the field strength was so severe that Rudolph's nose had turned a sickening crimson color. Meanwhile the old bearded guy in the red suit was in a very jolly mood having spent the last several hours sipping from a bottle of Jack Daniels that had been conveniently stowed in the back of the slay.

After a few minutes triangulation the source was located and a picture (left) was taken as evidence of the 15m RF that was emanating from the N6MI contest van. When confronted with the photographic evidence N6MI came up with a not to be believed story to explain what he was doing out in the desert on a Saturday evening. An appropriate entry was made into the naughty/nice book.
SCCC Wins Yet Another Gavel - N6NB
November 2013
The results of the 2013 August UHF contest are now online at ARRL.org, and SCCC won the club competition. Unlike the June VHF contest, in which SCCC just barely outscored the Potomac Valley Radio Club (by 30K out of 1.3 million points), this one was a blowout.

SCCC had 1.1 megapoints. The next highest club aggregate score was about 250K.

Our score came mostly from rovers. N6NB had the top rover score, followed by KI6FGV and the family duo of N6EY and N6KYS. Sharing a station under the family rule for the first time (they were married three weeks before the contest), they tied for third nationally. Another married couple, W6TTF and WA6WTF, tied for sixth.

The UHF contest has only included a club competition for five years, but SCCC has now won four gavels in this contest. Surely the rules will be changed soon!
Another Gavel for SCCC - N6NB
June 2014
SCCC has won still another gavel in a VHF contest, our eleventh (11th) during the last four years. But it could be our last gavel for a while.

The results of the January, 2014 VHF Contest are in the just-released digital edition of the July, 2014 QST.

Members Well Placed in 7QP Results
June 2014
                 WN6K              Second Place              SOHPMIXED
                 AF6O              First Place               SOHPCW
                 W6AFA             First Place               SOHPPH
                 N6MU              First Place               SOLPCW
                 WA6KHK            Second Place              SOLPPH
                 NX6T              Second Place              MSHP
                 W6TK              Third Place               MSLP
SCCC Wins Another Gavel - N6NB
November 2013
The results of the June 2013 VHF contest are now online on ARRL.org. The Southern California Contest Club had the highest club aggregate score of any club anywhere. But it was a cliffhanger: SCCC had 1.36 million points to Potomac Valley's 1.33 million. No other club had a score more than about half of the SCCC and PVRC totals.

SCCC also had a bunch of top individual scores. More on that in a minute...more
ARRL September VHF Contest Claimed Scores
October 2013
     K6FGV/R         Rover        223,020
     K6AH/R          Rover        183,260
     N6VI/R          Rover        173,145
     N6HD/R          Rover        165,066
     W6TE            MOUNL        149,710
     N6NB            SO/P         114,665
     AF6O/R          Rover         99,204
     KJ6CNO/R        Rover         31,270
     W6TAI/R         Rover         22,960
     W6TAI           SOLP             280
     N6VH            SOLP              28
California QSO Party Claimed Scores
October 2013
   N6WIN(N6MJ)  SOHP  371,811         AF6O         SOHP  248,414
   K6NA(N6ED)   SOHP  306,152         AA6PW        SOHP  117,936
   W6UE(N6AN)   SOHP  299,106         NK6A         SOHP   76,615
   W6TK         SOHP  272,546         N6HC         SOHP   32,614
   K6LA         SOHP  268,946         N6QQ         SOHP    6,720
   W6SX         SOHP  256,329
   K6AM         SOLP  222,585         KQ6ES        SOLP   90,324
   N6ZFO        SOLP  215,122         NK6A         SOLP   76,615
   WN6K         SOLP  164,640         N6MU         SOLP   68,000
   N0DY/6       SOLP  116,740         WK6I         SOLP    4,050
   K6QK         MSHP  294,872         N6HD         MSHP  217,442
   NX6T         MSHP  275,082         W6RFU        MSHP   93,335
   K6VO(@K6NR)  MSHP  243,504
   K6Z          MMHP  597,110         K6MI         MMHP  391,419
n6mi n6mi N6MI Kern County Expedition

J. Scott Bovitz, N6MI (www.n6mi.com), made a trip to Kern County for the 2013 California QSO Party. N6MI made more than 1,100 contacts from the Mojave Desert floor in his fully equipped ham van -- complete with a 56' 2" pneumatic mast and a rack mounted Elecraft K3 line. N6MI only missed one multiplier in the United States and Canada. His pain at missing Utah was partially eased by the enthusiastic CQP participation from Europe.
Ham Van Video
ARRL September VHF Contest
September 2013
n6nb1 N6NB - it was a chance to try out my still-unoccupied house in Panorama Heights. I parked the tower trailer in the driveway and used the same equipment and antennas that I used in June on Signal Peak. It seems to be a pretty good location.

Video W6TAI wkg N6NB - 24GHz
(Starts when fully downloaded)

w6te W6TE - John, K6MI, and I operated the ARRL Sept. VHF contest from 8,000 ft Frazier Mt. Thanks to the So Cal rovers and others we were able to amass over 150,000 points operating 10 bands. Unfortunately, activity was way down from prior contests.

Claimed score: 149,930
Pack Rovers - A pack of six rovers travelled from DM12 (San Diego) to DM06/CM95/CM96 (Kettleman City) for a total of ten grids. Not all rovers visited all grids. Each rover was equipped with the ten bands between 50MHz and 10GHz. Many contacts were made with portable stations N6NB and W6TE. Special thanks to W6TAI who made a trip to Gaviota in order to work the pack from CM94 on all ten bands, over an almost all sea path.
ARRL 10m Contest Claimed Scores
December 2013
 K6AM       SOLP    1,060,810    W6QU(W8QZA)  SOQRPCW    173,200
 W6PH       SOHPCW    996,660    N6MU         SOLPCW     151,032
 NK6A       SOHP      391,220    WA6URY       SOHP       132,600
 N6HC       SOHP      310,392    KI6VC        SOHP       115,464
 K6NR       SOHPCW    250,512    N0DY@W6CXX   SOHP        90,576
 W6TK       SOHPCW    250,084    NN3V         SOLPSSB     86,664
 KQ6ES      SOHPCW    220,032    KK6IFZ       SOLPSSB     60,970
 N6AN@W6UE  SOLP      196,184    W6KY         SOLPCW      56,608

 NX6T (AF6WF,K6KAL,NěDY,N6ERD,N6KI,NN6X et al) MSHP      935,770
CQ World Wide DX Contest CW Claimed Scores
November 2013
  HR2J(N6AA)  SOABHP    6,626,073       WA6URY     SOABHP    327,642
  K6NA        SOABHP    3,571,020       W6KY       SOABALP   202,261
  K6NR        SOABHP    1,396,440       NE6I       SOABAHP   154,936
  N6RV        SOABLP    1,191,330       W6SJ                 111,800
  W6TK        SOABAHP   1,121,956       WN6K       SOABALP    96,596
  N6WS        SOABAHP   1,107,288       KQ6ES      SOSBHP     86,526
  AA6PW       SOABAHP   1,000,494       AF6O       SOSBLP     83,884
  N6MU        SOABLP      522,368       NK6A       SOSBHP     66,785
  N6PE        SOABHP      501,847       N6IC                  57,477
  N6MI        SOABHP      473,344       W6GMU      SOABLP     53,988
  W6QU(W8QZA) SOABQRP     374,680       WA7BNM     SOSBLP      2,280
  ZF1A  (K6AM M4PN K5YAA)                         M/S HP  16,166,214
  OC4CW (K6ZH N7CW OA4TT)  (1/3 points to SCCC)   M/S HP  11,838,694
  NX6T  (N6KI WQ6X N0DY K4RB NN6X N6EEG)          M/2 HP   5,473,380
n6xt n6xt NX6T MULTI 2: Very good condx from start til Sunday morning when A index shot up to 8 and 10 and 15 mtrs didn't play as well as Saturday afternoon. Had a fun time running Multi-Two so our multi-op group were kept busy for all but 1.5 hours.

This was the most QSOs we have done from our portable site and hope to keep improving on station setup and antennas in the future. 70 ft Tower Trailer w/ 2el 40, 3el SteppIR 80m & 160m Inv V Dipoles. 40 ft Tower Trailer w/ 2el 40, 3el SteppIR. 2 K3s, 2 ACOM 2000A Amps. - N6KI
n6mi N6MI CONTEST VAN: J. Scott Bovitz, N6MI, is an enthusiastic little pistol and a proud member of the Southern California Contest Club. Business prevented Bovitz from enjoying the recent surge in sunspots (the second peak), so he was hell-bent on participating in the 2013 CQ WW DX CW contest in late November.

After studying the weather.gov pages, Bovitz drove 200 miles looking for a break in the rain and snow. Finally, the rain stopped for a few hours south of Mojave. Bovitz camped on a small rise with a good view in most directions. Bovitz was three hours late into the contest and exhausted, so he worked a few folks and went to bed. The rain started again and did not stop for 24 hours.

Bovitz woke at dawn on Saturday and found his milk was frozen...but the higher bands were hot and never dried up.    watch ham van video