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Monthly News (SCCCORE - SoCal Contest Club Operations, Results and Enlightenments)
December 2022
SCCC logo Welcome aboard to new SCCC member Ryan, KI6BTY. Ryan was licensed in 2007 but has only recently really got into the hobby. He is a recovering computer geek and thus is really enjoying FT8 and other digital modes. He is new to contesting and award chasing and is looking forward to improving his radio and contesting skills.

Did you catch it?! The November-December issue of the National Contest Journal (NCJ) has Part 1 of Jim, N6TJ's "70 Years of Contest Memories." And what a great first installment it is! The man has experienced a lot of contesting in those 70 years, and he has some stories to tell. Jim also includes many FB pictures in the article. If you aren't a subscriber to NCJ (and why aren't you?!), you can get a copy at your local ham radio dealer. I can't wait for Part 2!

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December 2022
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courtesy of the WA7BNM Contest Calendar.
Video: Exploring a One Million Watt Tower!
December 2022
Having worked on some communications towers on mountaintops during my working career, this caught my eye.
And while not amateur radio related, I thought you might enjoy it anyway. Because who doesn't like
touring a big broadcast site and tower?!

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Video: How It's Made - Vacuum Tubes
December 2022
From the TV show " How It's Made," we see how vacuum tubes are made.

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Video: A Tour of MFJ Enterprises
October 2022
MFJ is celebrating their 50th anniversary this month. Here is a tour of MFJ by W5KUB of Amateur Radio Roundtable.

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ARRL 160 Claimed Scores
December 2022
         K6NR            SOHP          44,450            N6LL            SOLP           6,303
         W6AYC           SOHP          40,509            K6FA            SOHP           3,432
         K6VO (K6NR)     SOHP          15,708
CQWW DX CW Claimed Scores
November 2022
         VY2TT (K6LA)    SOABHP     9,939,432            AA2IL           SO(A)LP      172,010
         NO6T (KI6RRN)*  SOABHP     6,011,478            W6QU (@W8GJK)   SOQRP        168,150
         VK6N (N5ZO)     SOHP       5,983,560            WA7BNM          SOSB15LP     120,736
         N6RV            SO(A)HP    2,716,110            W8GJK           SO(A)HP      118,370
         K6NR            SOCLHP     1,129,574            NE6I            SO(A)HP       75,075
         KH7Q (N6TJ)     SOSB15HP     947,346            N6KI            SO(A)HP       59,736
         AA6PW           SO(A)HP      917,592            W6KC            SO(A)HP       59,184
         W6YI            SO(A)HP      700,679            WA6URY          SOCLHP        55,388
         W6TK            SOCLLP       570,620            NK6A            SOSB15HP      54,954
         N6CW            SO(A)HP      542,874            WI6X            SO(A)HP       42,716
         W6YA            SOSB15CLHP   446,664            N6GP            SOHP          37,296
         WA6KHK          SO(A)HP      375,396            K6PO            SOSB10HP      19,787
         W4EF            SOHP         339,380            AI6DO           SOLP           3,239
         KW6AA           SO(A)LP      249,968            

         * @WA6TQT
ARRL SS SSB Claimed Scores
November 2022
         VY2TT (K6LA)    SOHP         300,384            WA6URY          SOHP          22,360
         W6AFA           SOHP         191,398            KF6I            SOUHP         17,408
         W6KC            SOUHP         89,208            WA7BNM          SOLP           4,736
         AA6PW           SOUHP         78,684            WI6X            SOHP           2,688

         W8GJK (W8GJK, XYL)                                              MSHP          95,782
ARRL SS CW Claimed Scores
November 2022
         VY2TT (K6LA)    SOHP         221,112            KF6I            SOHP          87,864 
         AA6PW           SOUHP        174,384            W6PH            SOHP          86,720
         K6NR            SOUHP        138,768            AA2IL           SOLP          77,616
         NC6K            SOLP         131,856            W6TK            SOUHP         76,608
         K6ZH            SOLP         110,040            WA6URY          SOHP          44,928
         WA6KHK          SOUHP        109,536            N6AA            SOHP          22,528 
         W6AYC           SOQRP        109,228            K2RP            SOUQRP        11,232
         W6ZL            SOLP         105,624            AI6DO           SOQRP          2,028

         N6RA (AC6T and non-member NF1R)                                 SchoolClubHP 178,248