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Monthly News (SCCCORE - SoCal Contest Club Operations, Results and Enlightenments)
January 2021
WI6X Welcome aboard to new member Jim, WI6X. Jim wrote up a nice intro in his membership application. I've copied it here.

Hi, I'm Jim Dahl, WI6X, and I enjoy contesting and QSO parties because the contest calendar is full of opportunities to get on the air for an hour or two at a time to practice my operating skills, evaluate my station building endeavors, and learn about propagation.

Things that get in the way of radio time are work, kids (Wisconsin/Ohio State/Woodbridge HS), & my XYL. Other interests are sailing, hunting, fishing, hiking, traveling, reading.

Working on my code speed is important to me. Practicing with CWops, giving back, K1USN SST, and Morse Runner are vey helpful.

I appreciate amateur radio's contest community for sharing ways to make what I have available as effective & useful as possible. As a towerless little gun, I rely on multi-element wire beams, extended double zepps, large loops, reversible phased arrays, inverted-Ls, a vertical, and a rotatable dipole (but not all at the same time or same QTH). Thankfully my Irvine QTH has trees, the XYL doesn't crane her neck up, I am on my HOA board, and my second station at Lake Arrowhead has 100-foot pine trees.

I love that our hobby has an enjoyable and endless learning curve supported by arguably the best community of Elmers of any hobby or profession. Most all of what I have learned about amateur radio has been from the Elmers who write books & magazines like The ARRL Antenna Book, K9YC's Choke Cookbook, ON4UN's Low-Band DXing, N0AX's Grounding and Bonding, CQ, QST, QEX, NCJ, WA7BNM's Contest Calendar & Score Rumors, as well as contribute to e-mail reflectors like Topband, TowerTalk, EZNEC, SimSmith, Elecraft, socal-hamnet-users, N1MM+, as well as the Elmers who volunteer to help with programs such as CWops and Contest University, and of course all the YouTubers.

Hams are great people. I am the Treasurer of South Orange Amateur Radio Assn. (SOARA), member of Irvine Disaster Emergency Communications (IDEC), and Orange County Amateur Radio Club (W6ZE).

Just a newbie with wires playing radio when chores and family do not get in the way.

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January 2021
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2020 California QSO Party Pictures
November 2020
The 55th running of the California QSO Party was October 3 & 4, and the turnout was very high! Axel, KI6RRN appears to have set an all time high score and Marko, N5ZO seems to have broken the Low Power record! Both of them, and many others, were operating as SEQUOIA stations, a new event within CQP this year. SEQUOIA stations used special 1x1 call signs. The last letter represented one of the letters in the word SEQUOIA. If you worked all of the letters, you qualified for a special certificate!

Some SCCC club members sent along pictures of their 2020 CQP operations. Let's take a look.

Video: The 3 Stooges Morse Code
January 2021
The 3 Stooges Doing Morse Code

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NAQP CW Claimed Scores
January 2021
         NO6T (KI6RRN)*  SOLP         473,680            AC6T            SOLP          58,800
         N5ZO            SOLP         326,206            W6LAX           SOLP          17,513
         N6TR            SOLP         244,530            N6VOH           SOLP          13,266
         K6NR            SOLP         164,322            N6AN            SOQRP          9,715
         K6ZH            SOLP         161,966            WA6URY          SOLP           7,260
         K6LA            SOLP         160,190            WA7BNM          SOLP           6,048
         W6AYC           SOLP         156,640            W6KC            SOLP           5,900
         NC6K            SOLP         116,889            N6HE            SOLP           5,358
         WN6K            SOLP          74,370            NE6I            SOLP           5,264
         W6TK            SOLP          65,875            WB6NBU          SOLP           4,905
         K6PO            SOLP          65,065            KI6VC           SOLP           4,466
         W6ZL            SOLP          63,654            WI6X            SOLP           3,024

         * @WA6TQT

         SCCC #1 (K6NR, K6LA, N6TR, NO6T, NC6K)                                     1,159,611
         SCCC #2 (WN6K, W6TK, K6ZH, K6PO, W6ZL)                                       430,930
         SCCC #3 (N6GP, KI6VC, AC6T, N6AA, N6VOH)                                      91,436
         SCCC #4 (W6LEN, N6AN, NE6I)                                                   14,979
ARRL RTTY Roundup Claimed Scores
January 2021
         K6NR            SORHP         47,325            KF6RY (W6ZL)    SORLP         15,345
         WN6K            SORLP         39,711            K6RO            SO(A)DLP      15,184
         N6PM            SO(A)DHP      23,240            NK6A            SO(A)MHP      13,780
         W6LAX           SORHP         19,250            WA6I            SO(A)RHP      12,826
         N2JNR           SOMLP         18,734            W6TK            SO(A)RHP      10,498

         N6KIM (K6ZH, N6KIM)                                             M/SHP         51,142

         R=RTTY only, D=Digital only, M=Mixed mode            
Stew Perry Top Band Challenge Claimed Scores
December 2020
         W6AYC           SOHP           2,764            K6NA            SOLP             748
         NI6W (W4EF)     SOHP           2,050            K6NR            SOHP             598
         N6AA            SOHP           1,803            KF6I            SOHP             222
RAC Winter Contest Claimed Scores
December 2020
         NT6Q (@N5ZO)    SOCWHP       154,812            W6TK            SO(A)HP*      30,050
         W6AFA           SOPHHP       104,940            W6KC            SOMHP         24,976
         K6NR            SOCWHP       102,448            N6HC            SOMLP         17,784
         WN6K            SOMLP         74,844            WA6URY          SOCWHP        11,866
         WA7BNM          SOMLP         43,632            K6FGV           SOSSBHP          282
         NK6A            SOMHP         38,016            
         NO6T (@WA6TQT) (KI6RRN, N6KI, N6NC, N7NR, VE4EA)                MSLP         522,430

         *SO(A) is officially classified as multi-single in this contest.           
ARRL 10 Meter Claimed Scores
December 2020
         KI6RRN (@WA6TQT)SOMHP        811,146            N2JNR           SOMLP         15,748
         K6AM            SOMULP       176,880            W6ZL            SOCWLP        14,784
         W6PH            SOCWHP       157,216            N6VOH           SOMLP         12,240
         N6HC            SOMUHP       127,800            K6NA            SOMHP         11,300
         K6NR            SOCWHP       122,624            WA6URY          SOCWHP        10,680
         N5ZO            SOCWHP       114,224            W6JBR           SOMHP          9,656
         WN6K            SOMLP         48,790            WI6X            SOMHP          7,748
         K6RO            SOMLP         47,310            W6PNG           SOSSBUHP       7,590
         K6ZH            SOCWUHP       47,188            N6MU            SOCWLP         4,940
         W6AYC           SOCWHP        44,100            W6LAX           SOCWLP         4,284
         N6AA            SOCWHP        43,512            N6IC (@KF6I)    SOCWHP         4,284
         N6GP            SOCWLP        36,432            WA6BIL (W6JK)*  SOMLP          2,232
         N6RV            SOMUHP        32,844            N6LL            SOMLP          1,672
         W6KC            SOMUHP        26,404            N6PE            SOUCWHP        1,456
         K6LA            SOMHP         25,200            KK6KMU          SOMLP          1,176
         KX6A            SOCWULP       17,424            W6QU (@W8QZA)   SOSSBQRP         676
         NK6A            SOMHP         17,052            K6FGV           SOSSBLP          272
         KF6I            SOCWHP        16,864            N6AN            SOMQRP           230
         WA7BNM          SOMLP         16,066            NE6I            SOUCWLP           48
         * @W6JK
ARRL 160 CW Claimed Scores
December 2020
         N6AA            SOHP         113,434            KM6Z (@W8RJ)    SOHP          16,484
         W6AYC           SOLP         102,595            WA6URY          SOHP           8,946
         K6NR            SOHP          78,372            N6WS            SOHP           2,688
         NC6K            SOUHP         67,229            N6LL            SOLP           2,222
         N5ZO            SOUHP         34,320            W6JK            SOLP           1,909
         WN6K            SOLP          22,001            W6KC            SOUHP            896
         KF6I            SOUHP         16,698
CQWW CW Claimed Scores
November 2020
         NO6T (KI6RRN)*  SOABHP     5,432,520            N6WS            SO(A)ABHP    127,680
         N6RV            SO(A)ABHP  1,841,154            N2JNR           SOABLP       113,919
         N6AA            SOABHP     1,142,697            KX6A            SO(A)ABLP     95,598
         K6NA            SOABHP       886,062            W6AYC           SOABHP        89,903
         K6LA            SOABHP       724,339            N6IC            SO(A)ABHP     86,496
         AA6AA           SO(A)ABHP    603,766            K0XP            SO(A)SB40LP   71,040
         N6CW            SO(A)ABHP    554,484            W6LAX           SO(A)ABLP     55,678
         K6NR            SOABCLHP     417,956            N6MU            SOABLP        53,380
         KM6Z (@K4ZLE)   SOABCLLP     381,210            K6RO            SO(A)SB15LP   47,953
         NC6K            SO(A)ABHP    361,157            KK6M            SO(A)ABHP     47,936
         W6YA            SOSB20CLHP   352,428            KF6I            SO(A)ABHP     46,830
         N6WT            SO(A)ABHP    327,376            WA7BNM          SOSB15LP      44,555
         WA6KHK          SO(A)ABHP    322,400            W6KC            SO(A)ABHP     41,360
         WN6K            SOABLP       319,332            WA6URY          SOAQBCLHP     37,800
         N6TJ @W6IRD     SOSB20HP     233,415            N6AN            SOABQRP       25,344
         W6ZL            SOABCLLP     174,790            N7DA            SOABCLLP      15,498
         W6QU (@W8QZA)   SOABQRP      166,804 

         8Q7ZO (N5ZO, W6NV)                                              M/M HP    10,049,510           
         * @WA6TQT
ARRL SS SSB Claimed Scores
November 2020
         K6LA            SOUHP        293,654            WA6URY          SOHP          39,296
         K6JO (@W6MFJ)   SOLP         225,500            N6VI            SOHP          33,120
         WA6KHK          SOUHP        138,510            W6KC            SOUHP         31,768
         W6TK            SOULP        130,808            WA6BIL (@W6JK)  SOLP          30,222
         WN6K            SOLP         130,728            N2JNR           SOLP          26,400
         KI6RRN (@WA6TQT)SOUHP        101,924            KF6I            SOUHP         12,292
         W6PNG           SOUHP         76,000            K6FGV           SOLP           6,068
         K6RO            SOLLP         75,200            WA7BNM          SOLP           2,784
         K6NR            SOUHP         59,040            N6AN            SOQRP            896
ARRL SS CW Claimed Scores
November 2020
         N5ZO            SOUHP        228,144            WN6K            SOLP          73,000
         K6LA            SOHP         216,298            N6WT            SOLP          67,040
         W6AYC           SOLP         180,276            W6KC            SOUHP         58,800
         K6AR            SOHP         164,000            AC6T            SOUHP         57,196
         NO6T (VE4EA)*   SOLP         160,272            KF6I            SOUHP         49,552
         N6AA            SOHP         128,576            WA6URY          SOHP          47,376
         KG7NV (K6ZH)    SOUHP        127,156            W6AQ (@N6AN)    SOQRP         45,240
         K6NR            SOHP         125,550            WA6BIL (W6JK)   SOLP          40,736
         NC6K            SOUHP        121,688            NK6A            SOUHP         39,780
         WA6KHK          SOUHP         88,938            N6KI            SOUHP         39,192
         W6ZL            SOLP          83,804            W6TK            SOULP         30,488
         W6LAX           SOLP          76,000            N7DA            SOLP          13,974

         * @WA6TQT
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