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Monthly News (SCCCORE)
November 2018
Welcome aboard to new member Douglas, N6PZK who hails from Fallbrook. His first contest was the California QSO party back in 2013. He won the new contester category that year as KJ6ZQP. He's been hooked on contesting ever since! He moved to his current QTH a little over three years ago and has been constructing a new shack since that time. He loves both DXing and contesting. He is a member of SCDXC, the Los Angeles Amateur Radio Club as well as the Traveler Contest Club. He is a former marine and we thank him for his service.

The 2018 CQ WPX SSB results were published last month. Axel, KI6RRN placed second in the U.S. Single Op Low Power category. Alex, W6AFA was second USA 7 MHz High Power. Bill, W8QZA piloted W6QU to second USA Single Op All Band QRP. And Dick, W6TK took second in the 6th District All Band High Power. WN6K scored second SOABLP in the 6th District. Full results at CQ's Contest Results page.

The WRTC Sanctioning Committee has chosen the Bologna, Italy area as the location of the 2022 WRTC contest. The area is where Italian inventor and electrical engineer Guglielmo Marconi was born. Marconi is known for his development of long distance radio telegraph. WRTC is a contest within the IARU contest and brings together many of the best contesters in the world to compete against each other on a level field using similar stations and antennas.

As many of you have heard, whether on the SCCC Reflector or any number of other places, Paul Bittner, W0AIH passed away on Wednesday, Oct 31 due to a tower accident. He had been working on his 15 meter tower when a pulley failed. Paul was an incredibly active contester and most of us have many, many contacts with him in our logs. Pictures of his incredible Wisconsin antenna farm can be viewed on his QRZ web page. The accident reminds all of us to always, ALWAYS work with the utmost safety in mind, no matter what we are doing. RIP Paul.

SCCC Monthly Poll
November, 2018
Click here for the this month's SCCC monthly poll. Our October, 2018 poll was "What is your favorite contest mode?" 76% of our members favored CW. 12% favored SSB and 6% favored RTTY. 6% had no favorite mode. Our September, 2018 poll was "What is your favorite contest?" CQP took the top spot. CQWW DX, WPX, NA Sprint and Sweepstakes all tied for second.
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N6NB - Contesting For 61 Years
November 2018
N6NB Rover Wayne Overbeck is no stranger to SCCCers. He has been contesting for 61 years! That's longer than some of us have been alive! His tower trailers have also been used for SCCC contesting (think XE2SI in the 1980s for example.) His web site is chalk full of contest and other good stuff. I asked Wayne to tell us a little about his VHF and up roving activities and was honored to get his story below.

I've been on the air for 61 years now. I've been operating VHF contests for almost that long, but I didn't manage to win a VHF contest nationally for a lot of years. It's never been easy to be competitive in VHF contests in the west. I finally reached #1 in the single operator category in June, 1973. Then I was #1 in five June contests in a row (1973-1977). After a year with almost no sporadic E here but excellent E skip in the east in 1978, I took a van and tower trailer to the northeast in 1979. I ended up winning 12 VHF contests nationally as a single operator before ARRL section multipliers were replaced by grid square multipliers in 1984.
WB6NOA Interviews Kenwood Chief Design Engineer JA6QXW On The New TS-890S
August 2018
The New Yaesu FT-101D Transceiver
August 2018
ARRL Sweepstakes SSB Claimed Scores
November 2018
         VY2TT (K6LA)    SOUHP        295,148            W6ZL            SOLP          24,948
         W6TK            SOUHP        158,198            W6KC            SOUHP         21,560
         AA6PW           SOUHP        117,528            W6JBR           SOHP          15,776
         WN6K            SOLP          92,340            K6MUG           SOLP          11,342
         WA6KHK          SOUHP         72,816            W6ZAR           SOLP           7,614
         N6WT            SOUHP         61,752

         K6AM (@NX6T)                                                    MOHP         332,664
WAE RTTY Claimed Scores
November 2018
         WN6K            SOLP          95,530            N6HE            SOHP          18,300
         N6RV            SOHP          64,418            AI6O            SOHP          11,110
         W6ZL            SOLP          37,524            W6TK            SOHP           8,970
         W4EF            SOHP          27,170
ARRL Sweepstakes CW Claimed Scores
November 2018
         N5ZO            SOUHP        194,552            W6KC            SOUHP         58,220
         K6LA            SOHP         194,054            NK6A            SOUHP         41,600
         W6PH            SOHP         175,808            WA6URY          SOHP          29,512         
         AA6PW           SOUHP        172,972            AI6O            SOHP          23,296
         WA6KHK          SOUHP        112,914            W6ZL            SOLP          22,204
         WN6K            SOLP         104,280            AI6DO           SOQRP         20,412
         NC6K            SOUHP         92,904            KU6CW (N6CW)    SOLP          19,024
         KM6Z            SOLP          90,560            K6NA            SOHP          13,108
         W6TK            SOHP          86,832            W6JBR           SOUHP          9,310
         KF6I            SOUHP         71,680

         W6RFU (AC6T, K6AW)                                              MOHP         143,500
CQWW DX SSB Claimed Scores
October 2018
         W6PH            SO(A)ABHP  1,132,750            AA6PW           SO(A)ABHP     86,850
         K6NA            SOABHP       880,715            WA7BNM          SOSB20LP      61,098         
         N6RV            SOABLP       349,899            W6QU(W8QZA)     SOABQRP       57,980
         AA6AA           SO(A)ABHP    312,768            WA6URY          SOABHP        56,192
         N6WS            SO(A)ABHP    131,052            W6TK            SOSB15HP      49,680            
         WN6K            SOABLP       125,895            N6IC            SOABHP        29,008
         VY2TT(K6LA)     SOSB15HP     108,070            NK6A            SO(A)SB15HP   18,939
         W6ZL            SO(A)ABLP     87,320            W6JBR           SO(A)ABLP      3,485

         ZF1A (N6MJ, KK6NON, KI6RRN, KI6SMX, N6WIN, JH1NBN)              M/2HP     14,897,344                                                      
JARTS WW RTTY Claimed Scores
October 2018
         N6WT            SOHP         310,392            AI6O            SOHP           4,061
         WN6K            SOLP         132,948            WA6URY          SOHP           3,537
         KF6RY (W6ZL)    SOLP          34,776
California QSO Party Claimed Scores
October 2018
         N6MJ            SOHP         376,478            N6WT            SOALP        110,768
         N6WIN           SOHP         356,062            KK6NON          SOALP        100,920
         W6TK            SOAHP        268,482            NE6I            SOAHP         81,256
         KI6RRN          SOLP         266,800            W6ZL            SOALP         60,996
         AA6PW           SOHP         231,014            WA6KHK          SOQPR         54,132
         K6ZZ            SOLP         211,755            N6HE            SOHP          49,350
         W6ML (W6KC)     SOAHP        191,458            AI6O            SOHP          25,326
         K6VO (K6NR)     SOAHP        183,570            WA6URY          SOHP          14,760
         NC6K            SOAHP        181,018            N6OO            SOLP           9,360
         WN6K            SOLP         145,174            AI6DO           SOAQRP         8,349
         K6NA            SOHP         120,228

         NO6T (@N5ZO)                                                    MSHP         356,700
         NC6Q (NC6Q, K6MUG, K6CAW, KB6WKT)                               MSHP         131,080
         W6COW (NK6A, AA6DW)                                             MSLP          73,170           
CQWW DX RTTY Claimed Scores
September 2018
         WN6K            SOABLP       218,250            NC6K            SOABHP       104,232
         W6TK            SOABHP       181,597            W6QU (W8QZA)    SOABQRP      101,205
         N6RV            SOABHP       132,745            AI6O            SOABHP        36,442
         KK6NON          SOABLP       110,995            KF6RY (W6ZL)    SOSB20        30.358
         KM6Z            SOABLP        68,526            W6JBR           SOABHP        29,464
North American Sprint SSB Claimed Scores
September 2018
	 N5ZO                          10,127            NE6I                             555
         NX6T (KK6NON)                  9,020            N6OO                             540
         WA7BNM                           560            WQ6X                              12
	 SCCC #1 (N5ZO, NX6T, NE6I, N6OO, WQ6X)                                        20,254
North American Sprint CW Claimed Scores
September 2018
	 N5ZO                          13,502            N6WIN                          5,655
         N6MJ                          13,020            K0XP                           2,660
         W4EF                          10,879            N6CW                           2,494
         N6AA                          10,480            AI6O                           1,450
         AC6T                           8,853            KG7NV (K6ZH)                     486
         K6NA                           7,332
	 SCCC #1 (N6AA, N5ZO, N6MJ, AC6T, K6NA)                                        53,187
	 SCCC #2 (KG7NV, AI6O, K6AW, W4EF)                                             12,815
         SCCC #1 currently holding 5th place according to the 3830scores site. 
NAQP SSB Claimed Scores
August 2018
	 WN6K            SOLP          52,722            AI6O            SOLP           1,664
         K5KT            SOLP          51,600            N6AN            SOLP           1,344
         AA6PW           SOLP          24,090            W6JBR           SOLP           1,200
         N6WIN		 SOLP           3,268            K6RO            SOLP             819
         WA7BMN          SOLP           3,034            WA6URY          SOLP             651
         K6MUG           SOLP           2,600        
         N5ZO (KI6RRN, KK6NON, N5ZO)                                     M/2          200,489
         W6KC                                                            M/2              198                    

         SCCC #1 (WQ6X, N6WIN, K6MUG, WN6K, AA6PW)                                     82,680
         SCCC #2 (W6AFA, K5KT, N6AN, K6RO, NE6I)                                       53,763
NAQP CW Claimed Scores
August 2018
	 N5ZO	         SOLP         227,452            AI6O            SOLP          20,250
         KI6RRN          SOLP         181,477            WA6URY          SOLP          14,534
	 N6WIN	         SOLP         128,763            W6ZL            SOLP          14,300
         K6NR            SOLP         100,303            N6HE            SOLP          10,640
	 W6TK            SOLP          98,532            N6AN            SOQRP          5,454
         N6AA            SOLP          92,718            N6GP            SOLP           5,035
         WN6K            SOLP          66,875            W6KC            SOLP           4,080
         KM6Z            SOLP          49,502            KU6CW (N6CW)    SOLP           3,960
         AA6PW           SOLP          23,779            KA6WKE          SOLP	        1,296
         NC6K            SOLP          21,004            K0XP            SOLP           1,032
         NX6T (N6KI, WQ6X, N6NC, N6CY, NN6X, N6EEG, WM6Y)                M/2          186,354

	 SCCC #1 (N5ZO, KI6RRN, N5WIN, W6TK, K6NR)                                    736,527
	 SCCC #2 (AI6O, KA6WKE, WQ6X, W6ZL, N6HE)                                      46,486
	 SCCC #3 (N6AA, AA6PW, NC6K, N6AN, N6GP)                                      147,990