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Monthly News (SCCCORE - SoCal Contest Club Operations, Results and Enlightenments)
September 2022
ARRL DX Contest

Congratulations are in order for Jim, N6TJ and Bill, W8QZA for their finishes in the 2022 ARRL International DX Contest CW. Jim operated KH7Q in Hawaii and finished 5th place DX in the Single Op, High Power category. Bill piloted W6QU to 6th place in the USA in Single Op, QRP category. Great job guys! Full results can be found here on the ARRL website.

Kurt Andress, K7NV (ex-NI6W) SK
August 2022
Kurt NI6W/K7NV at XE2SI in 1984

It is with heavy heart that we report the passing of Kurt Andress, K7NV (formerly NI6W). He passed away in his sleep at home in Nevada on Thursday, August 25. Kurt had been known as an excellent engineer and had helped many west coast hams with their antennas and towers over the years. Kurt (then NI6W) joined the ARRL Contest Advisory Committee (CAC) in September of 1990, replacing outgoing rep Marty, N6VI. (Not sure how long he served on the CAC.) (left--Kurt at XE2SI in 1984) photo provided by N6LL

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September 2022
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State QSO Parties
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courtesy of the WA7BNM Contest Calendar.
Video: Antennas for the Higher Bands by K9LA
July 2022
A Presentation to the SDDXC, May, 2022.

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Texas QSO Party Claimed Scores
September 2022
         WA6KHK          SOMHP         69,770            WI6X            SOCWHP           585
         N6IC            SOCWLP           828            KI6RRN          SOMHP             45
ARRL VHF Claimed Scores
September 2022
         N6GP/R          LtdRoverLP     7,925            WA7BNM          SOAnalogLP       100
         N6UTC           SOFM?P         1,482            NE6I            SOHP              63
         AA2IL           SOLP           1,278            N6IC            SOLP              40
         KG6DNY          SOAnalogLP       225            
Sprint CW Claimed Scores
September 2022
         N6MJ            SOHP          19,062            W6LAX           SOHP           6,300
         N5ZO            SOHP          17,384            N6AN            SOQRP          6,116
         N6AA            SOHP          15,402            NE6I            SOHP           2,870
         NI6W (W4EF)     SOHP          12,960            WA6URY          SOHP           2,624
         K6ZH            SOHP          12,750

         SCCC #1 ((NI6W, K6ZH, N5ZO, N6MJ, N6AA)                                       77,558
         SCCC #2 (WQ6X, N6AN, NE6I)                                                     8,986
Kansas QSO Party Claimed Scores
August 2022
         N6GP            SOLP          29,394            WI6X            SOHP             429
         WA6URY          SOHP           8,308            W6KC            SOLP             120
WW Digi Claimed Scores
August 2022
         W8GJK           SOABHP       211,068            AA2IL           SOABLP        34,648
         WA7BNM          SOSB20LP      42,921            WY6R            SOABLP         2,373
         K9TAD           SO?BLP        21,090            W6TK            SOABHP         2,331
Hawaii QSO Party Claimed Scores
August 2022
         N6IC            SOABLP           780            W6KC            SOABHP           114
         WI6X            SOABHP           429            AI6DO           SOABLP             3
50 MHz Fall Sprint Claimed Scores
August 2022
         AA2IL           SOLP             338            WA7BNM          SOLP              40
         N6GP            SOLP             165            AG6RS           SOLP              24
         N6UTC           SOLP              70            
NAQP CW Claimed Scores
August 2022
         N5ZO            SO(A)LP      362,328            WA6URY          SOLP          23,108
         N6TR            SOLP         228,000            W6KC            SOLP          22,374
         K6NR            SOLP         175,376            N6KI            SO(A)LP       21,560
         W6AYC           SOLP         172,422            N6AA            SOLP          18,860
         W6TK            SO(A)LP      138,438            K6FA            SOLP          15,288
         AA6PW           SOLP         108,171            WA7BNM          SOLP          12,144
         AA2IL           SO(A)LP       98,952            K6PO/VE7        SO(A)LP        2,394
         W6ZL            SOLP          57,120            W6AQ (@N6AN)    SOQRP          1,680
         WQ6X            SO(A)LP       45,108            AI6DO           SOLP           1,218

         SCCC #1 (AA2IL, WQ6X, N6TR, W6TK, N5ZO)                                      872,376
         SCCC #2 (N6AN, W6ZL, K6NR, N6AA, N6GP)                                       253,036