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Monthly News (SCCCORE - SoCal Contest Club Operations, Results and Enlightenments)
June 2021
SCCC logo The 2020 CQWW DX CW contest results have been published. Dan, N6MJ operated ZF1A and took 2nd place overall. He and Chris, KL9A (who operated TI7W) both recorded over 10,000 Q's as Mr. Sun provided some early Cycle 25 sunspot fireworks. Their QSO totals averaged roughly 230 per hour for the entire contest. Think about that for a moment. That's nearly four Q's per minute. And not just for a burst but on average over the entire contest! Incredible! While the number of DX entities were down (166 versus 254 ten years ago), contestants continue to push the envelope on QSO totals! The USA SOHP All Band standings show Axel, KI6RRN operating as NO6T from the WA6TQT station finishing 5th USA. Not easy to crack the top ten from the west coast, much less the top five! Bill, W8QZA finished 3rd as W6QU in the QRP all band category. The SCCC finished 8th in the club category this go round, and nearly topped the NCCC. Interesting reading in the writeup is Ville's, OH2MM perspective over 50 years of his contesting in CQWW. (I'm not sure his comment about DX spotting moving from 2 meter nets to the internet in the 1980s is accurate. Perhaps but my recollection is that the internet really came into its own in the 1990s as high speed internet came into play (that term is relative obviously as speeds back then could not handle the internet traffic of today). The 1980s were BBSs (Bulletin Board Systems) and that sort of thing. Perhaps my memory fails me? Check out the section about the Russian Woodpecker. OMG, that thing was horrible and could end your operation on the band when it lit up. All in all, a really fun read. Thanks Ville for reminding us of the "good ol' days!"

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June 2021
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courtesy of the WA7BNM Contest Calendar.
ARRL June VHF Claimed Scores
June 2021
         W7IV            SOHP          34,970            WA7BNM          SOLP           6,350
         K6RO            SO3BLP        32,504            W6JK            SOLP           3,003
         NC6K            SO3BHP        19,400            N7DA            ?              2,656
         N6UTC/R         SORover       13,858            KF6I            SOHP           1,824
         AI6DO           SO3BLP         6,526            W6ZL            SOLP             324
CQ WPX Claimed Scores
May 2021
         NA6TT (N6CW)*   SOSB40UHP  2,699,424            W6QU (@W8QZA)   SOABQRP      214,931   
         WK6LA (K6LA)    SOABHP     1,977,224            W6LAX           SOABHP       132,762
         K6NR            SOABCLHP   1,650,050            W6ZL            SOABCLLP     128,148
         W6TK            SOABCLHP   1,273,125            WA7BNM          SOSB20ULP     93,825
         NI6W (W4EF)     SOABUHP    1,259,928            N6MU            SOABULP       73,000
         W6AYC           SOABHP       713,412            K6FA            SOABUHP       44,251
         AA6AA           SOSB20ULP    702,564            W6KC            SOABLP        26,312
         WA6KHK          SOABHP       635,460            NK6A            SOSB15CLHP    21,146
         K0XP            SOABTBWHP    428,327            N7DA            SOABLP        12,610
         WN6K            SOABULP      428,238            KF6I            SOABHP         2,088
         N6RV            SOABHP       364,702            AI6DO           SOABCLQRP        465
         WA6URY          SOABCLHP     255,408            

         NY6Y (NY6Y, N6IC)                                               MOABHP        37,050

         * @K6NA            
50 MHz Spring Sprint Claimed Scores
May 2021
         K6RO            SOHP           1,755            W6ZL            SOLP              20
         WA7BNM          SOLP             858            NE6I            SOLP              12
         N6GP/R          RoverLP          336            KG6DNY          SOLP               6
         N6DM            SOLP             200            N7DA            SOQRP              6
         N6UTC           SOLP             198
Arkansas QSO Party Claimed Scores
May 2021
         N6MU            SOMLP          2,714            KI6RRN          SOMHP            308
         N6GP            SOCWLP         1,236            W6KC            SOCWHP            98
         WA7BNM          SOMLP            378            
New England QSO Party Claimed Scores
May 2021
         KI6RRN (@NX6T)  SOHP           4,619            N6GP            SOLP             783
         WI6X            SOHP           1,292            WA7BNM          SOLP             783
Indiana QSO Party Claimed Scores
May 2021
         KI6RRN (@NX6T)  SOHP             240            WI6X            SOHP              60
         N6GP            SOLP              98            WA7BNM          SOLP              15
7QP QSO Party Claimed Scores
May 2021
         K7N (K6ZH@KG7NV)SOMHP        203,077            AI6DO           SO(A)MQRP     20,412
         N6MU            SOCWLP       112,455            WI6X            SO(A)CWHP      9,108
         W7QM (W6PH)     CtyExpLP     105,600            WA7BNM          SOMLP            160
         WN6K            SOMLP         49,005            K6RO            SOSSBHP            9
         KI6RRN (@NX6T)  SO(A)MHP      40,110

         N7D (W6KC +1)                                                   CtyExpHP     130,788
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