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Monthly News (SCCCORE - SoCal Contest Club Operations, Results and Enlightenments)
April 2020
W6KH-N6TJ-PY5EG Jim, N6TJ fresh off trips to KH6LC for ARRL DX SSB and KH7M for WPX SSB tells us he will be back at KH7M for WPX CW in May and CQWW SSB in October. He will be at 9Y4W for CQWW CW. A buy contesting year for Jim!

Word came in from Dick, N6AA via the SCCC Reflector on March 10 that this month's International DX Convention in Visalia has been cancelled. The decision reflects the Committee's concern for the health and well being of propestive attendees in light of the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak that has been spreading across the globe in recent weeks. ARRL posted the same information the following day.

As well, the 2020 Dayton Hamvention announced on March 15 that it too has cancelled.

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April 2020
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Veritium HFClock Review by NE6I
April 2020
Veritium HF Clock Contesters and DXers alike are well aware that propagation is often enhanced considerably to and from an area in the world where it is sunrise or sunset, something we call gray line. Way back in the days before computers, a company named Xantek manufactured a product called "The DX Edge." This wonderful tool consisted of a series of plastic slides, one for each month, that slid back and forth through a "carrier," or flat Mercator map of the world. This simulated the earth's rotation, and allowed us to see which parts of the world were in daylight, which were in darkness, and most importantly, which were in the gray line. It was an ingenious creation and was quite popular in its time. See picture below.

Fast forward to today, and we have computers and software to do this for us. There is even a small version of this included in the popular N1MM+ contesting software.

North American Sprint SSB Claimed Scores
April 2020
         NT6Q (@N5ZO)    SOHP          15,552            WA7BNM          SOLP           1,508
         KI6VC           SOLP           2,400            W6PNG           SOHP              56
         WA6URY          SOHP           2,343
CQ WPX SSB Claimed Scores
March 2020
         VY2TT (K6LA)    SOABHP    15,592,703            N6WT            SO(A)ABHP     47,082
         NO6T (KI6RRN)   SOABHP     4,696,917            K6NA            SOABHP        43,318
         W6TK            SO(A)ABHP  2,219,904            NK6A            SO(A)ABHP     36,900
         NT6Q (@N5ZO)    SOABLP     1,791,984            W6PNG           SO(A)ABHP     30,765
         W6AFA           SOSB40HP   1,448,940            W6JBR           SOABHP        29,082
         WA6KHK          SO(A)ABHP    920,907            WA7BNM          SOSB20LP      20,460
         K6RO            SOABHP       837,490            W6ZAR           SOABLP         8.352
         KM6Z            SOSB20LP      90,666            N6IC            SO(A)ABHP      7,715
         WA6URY          SOABHPClassic 71,977            W6KC            SO(A)ABHP      3.432
         W6QU (@W8QZA)   SOABQRP       68,040
ARRL SSB Claimed Scores
March 2020
         TI7MW (N6MJ)    SOABHP     7,765,329            WN6K            SOABLP        73,485
         KH6LC (N6TJ)    SOABHP     2,879,709            W6JK            SOABLP        35,178
         N6RV            SOUHP        615,648            W6ZL            SOULP         31,536
         W6AFA           SOABHP       481,950            W6QU (@W8QZA)   SOABQRP       29,975
         NT6Q (N5ZO)     SOABLP       440,916            W6KC            SOUHP         19,320
         N6AA            SOABHP       245,817            N6IC            SOABHP        15,450
         AA6AA           SOSB20HP     205,500            WA6URY          SOABHP        14,964
         W6YI            SOUHP        196,656            WA7BNM          SOSB20LP      13,500
         WA6KHK          SOUHP        166,005            N6HE            SOABHP         9,504
         K6RO            SOUHP        151,074            KF6I            SOUHP          7,257
         W6TK            SOUHP        144,096            NE6I            SOUHP          5,586
         N6WT            SOUHP         82,214            
NAQP RTTY Claimed Scores
February 2020
         WN6K            SOLP          58,056            WA6I            SOLP          29,792
         W6ZL            SOLP          48,972            AI6O            SOLP           3,696
         KM6Z            SOLP          42,800            WA6URY          SOHP           1,419
         N6HE            SOLP          33,812            W6JBR           SOLP             972
         SCCC #1 (WN6K, W6ZL, N6GP, KI6VC, WQ6X)                                      107,028
ARRL DX CW Claimed Scores
February 2020
         VY6TT (K6LA)    SOABHP     4,813,332            WN6K            SOABLP       214,758
         NO6T (KI6RRN)   SOABHP     3,238,740            W6QU (@W8QZA)   SOABQRP      135,876
         K6NA            SOABHP     1,282,464            N6WT            SOUHP        102,225
         NT6Q (@N5ZO)    SOABLP     1,134,465            W6KC            SOUHP         88,140
         W6AYC           SOABHP     1,058,805            N6IC            SOABHP        72,594
         N6RV            SOUHP        721,179            NK6A            SOABHP        67,620
         N6CW            SOUHP        565,245            WA6URY          SOABHP        52,569
         W6YI            SOUHP        505,143            AI6O            SOUHP         51,615
         N6QQ            SOABHP       446,706            KX6A            SOULP         51,606
         W6TK            SOUHP        433,380            K6RO            SOUHP         24,765
         KM6Z            SOABLP       323,172            W6JBR           SOABHP        23,241
         W6YA            SOSB20HP     314,259            WA7BNM          SOSB20LP      16,170
         K6NR            SOABHP       254,829            K0XP            SOSB160LP      4,116
         W6UM            SOABHP       254,592            W6ZL            SOSB20LP       1,656
         WA6KHK          SOUHP        253,791            N6AN            SOSB20QRP      1,080
         K6AW            SOSB40HP     243,936            NE6I            SOULP            378
CQ WPX RTTY Claimed Scores
February 2020
         KI6RRN          SOABLP       563,706            N6HE            SOABHP        94,214
         WN6K            SOABLP       518,126            W6JBR           SOABHP        86,268
         KF6RY (W6ZL)    SOABLP       220,110            W6QU (@W8QZA)   SOABQRP       75,492
         NK6A            SOABHP       122,512            AI6O            SOABHP        53,448
         W6TK            SOABHP       107,919            K6MI            SOABLP            45
         N6GP            SOAB(A)HP    103,320                             
NA Sprint CW Claimed Scores
February 2020
         N5ZO            SOHP          14,674            WA6URY          SOHP           3,612
         N6AA            SOHP          13,680            NE6I            SOHP           2,560
         K6LA            SOHP          11,835            AI6O            SOLP           1,984
         K6ZH            SOHP          10,780

         SCCC #1 (K6LA, K6ZH, K6AW, N6AA, NE6I)                                        38,855                                     
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