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HB9CA Contest Aficionados - Stephan Walder HB9DDO
June 2014
The club station now known as HB9CA was founded by 12 DX enthusiasts as the Letzi DX Group back in 1977 when the group found a very nice QTH in the north-western part of Switzerland. It wasn’t only a suitable QTH but there was an old barn that could be rented as well.

The 12 founding members spent many hours building a cozy shack inside the barn and, more important, setting up an impressive (at least for Switzerland) 22m high concrete tower that was formerly used for a high-voltage power line (the mast came free but getting it to our location didn’t).

Right from the very beginning, there were monoband beams for the 10, 15, 20 and 40 meter bands. The setup was completed with the addition of wire antennas for the lower bands.    more
ARRL 160 Metre Claimed Scores
December 2016
         W6PH            SOHP         104,916            W6TK            SOUHP         11,074
         NC6B            SOUHP         20,886            WA6URY          SOLP           8,878
         KM6Z            SOLP          14,535            W6JBR           SOLP           3,556
         K6PO            SOLP          12,054            NE6I            SOHP              36

         NX6T (N6KI WQ6X)                                                MSHP         128,392
CQ WW DX CW Claimed Scores
November 2016
         ZF2MJ(N6MJ)     SOABHP    14,931,837            K6PO            SOABLP       195,795
         VY2TT(K6LA)     SOABHP     4,546,770            WN6K            SOABLP       178,485
         W6PH            SOABAHP    1,968,712            W6QU(W8QZA)     SOABQRP      142,107
         K6NA            SOABHP     1,296,828            W6KY            SOABALP      115,248
         W6TK            SOABAHP    1,124,800            KI6QDH          SOABAHP      104,310
         N6RV            SOABLP       635,767            W6JBR           SOABLP        54,180
         WA6KHK          SOABAHP      528,860            WA6URY          SOABHP        52,393
         NC6B            SOABAHP      517,916            NC6K            SOABAHP       47,214
         N6WS            SOABAHP      333,000            NE6I            SOABAHP       44,408
         N6MU            SOABLP       236,439            N6XT            SOABLP        18,240
         AA6PW           SOABAHP      234,380            NK6A            SOSBHP        16,644
         KM6Z            SOABLP       230,127            W6GMU           SOABLP        14,060
         W6YA            SOSBHP       209,196

         VK6NC (N6AA W6XD)                                               MMHP       6,992,358
ARRL Sweepstakes SSB Claimed Scores
November 2016
         AA6PW           SOHP         221,728            NK6A            SOUHP         31,416
         WN6K            SOLP         136,890            KK6NON          SOLP          15,680
         WA6KHK          SOULP         66,912            WA6URY          SOHP          14,000
         KI6QDH          SOUHP         62,416            N6MU            SOLP          12,482
         N6ER            SOHP          46,500            AI6DO           SOHP           1,140
         W6KC            SOUHP         34,694

         W6YI (K6AM N6KI N6MJ W2PWS W6YI)                                MOHP         335,154
         K6LA (K6LA N6HC)                                                MOHP         166,166
ARRL Sweepstakes CW Claimed Scores
November 2016
         K6LA            SOHP         209,492            NC6B            SOUHP         65,902
         W6PH            SOHP         183,430            WA6KHK          SOULP         63,140
         AA6PW           SOLP         137,282            W6KC            SOUHP         49,800
         WN6K            SOLP         129,114            WA6URY          SOHP          36,000
         NC6K            SOHP         121,180            AI6O            SOHP          30,114
         KM6Z            SOLP         112,880            N6MU            SOLP          13,778
         W6TK            SOUHP        101,352            NC6Q            SOULP          1,584
         K6PO            SOULP         83,640            N6HE            SOUHP          1,000 

         NX6T (KB0V N6CY K4RB N6KI WB6NBU)                               MSLP         155,708
CCQ WW DX SSB Claimed Scores
October 2016
         EF8U(N6MJ)      SOABHP    14,544,009            KM6Z            SOABLP       151,164
         KH7M(N6TJ)      SOABHP     4,466,376            W6QU(W8QZA)     SOABQRP      130,320
         VY2TT(K6LA)     SOABAHP    1,080,768            KI6QDH          SOABAHP      119,955
         N6WS            SOABAHP      773,850            W6JBR           SOABLP        99,548
         W6TK            SOABAHP      598,928            WA6URY          SOABHP        58,156
         NC6K            SOABAHP      440,044            XE2MX           SOABLP        52,060
         WA6KHK          SOABAHP      429,200            AI6DO           SOABHP        25,452
         N6RV            SOABLP       402,000            WA7BNM          SOSBLP        25,201
         N5ZO            SOABAHP      232,564            NK6A            SOSBHP        24,708
         N6XT            SOABHP       207,279            N6HE            SOABHP        20,910
         NC6B            SOABHP       203,520            NE6I            SOABAHP        5,650