A Collection of Old SCCC News Stories (Newest to Oldest)
Monthly News (SCCCORE)
October 2018
Welcome aboard to five new members this month!

Endaf, N6UTC was first licensed in 1997 with the callsign of MW1BQO. Four years later, he came to the USA and obtained the call KG6FIY. His current callsign is much more interesting. He enjoys the various data modes and is active on VHF.

Jaxon, N0XNN is in San Diego and currently lives in military housing. He's relatively new to contesting and looks forward to expanding his contest knowledge.

Tony, N6OO is an occasional contester and enjoys DXing and QRP. He joined us just in time for last month's NA Sprint SSB.

Angus, KA6AIL joins us from the high desert in Palmdale (near my old stomping grounds of Lancaster). Angus enjoys CQP and some of the QRP contests.

Bill, KB6WKT has been involved in every Field Day since 1988! He has also participated in VHF/UHF, RTTY and HF contests over the years.

NAQP SSB preliminary results have been published on the NCJ web site. This is not one SCCC participates in heavily. SCCC #2 is 13th and SCCC #1 is 15th. SMC #1 ran away with the thing, posting nearly 568K points. The runner up, SMC #2 had 383K. SCCC teams did not crack 100K. That said, SCCCers took the top three spots in California, with W6AFA narrowly topping WN6K. K5KT took the third spot.

Monthly News (SCCCORE)
September 2018
HeilBM-17 The Southern California DX Club (SCDXC) held it's annual Summer Bash on August 12 in La Habra, and was attended by many who are also SCCCers. This photo was sent to me by Terry N6CW. Click on it for a full size rendition, and see how many SCCCers you can spot. See if you can spot the SCCCer wearing his So Cal Contest Club badge!

The preliminary July NAQP RTTY results have been published on the NCJ web site. KI6RRN placed 5th overall, and the SCCC #1 team took 5th in the team category with 174,935 points.

Monthly News (SCCCORE)
August 2018
Welcome aboard to new SCCC member K0XP. Steve moved to Mission Viejo after 34 years on the east coast. He loves low band DXing and contesting as well as VHF contesting. He operates mostly CW. He says he was among those at the very first SCCC meeting.

Also, welcome to Wyatt, AI6V (formerly KK6RDY). Wyatt now has the call formerly held by Carl Cook, who passed away in December, 2014. Wyatt is a senior in high school and is President of the radio club there. He operates in most of the big contests.

HeilBM-17 In June, I shared the Dayton releases by Kenwood and Yaesu. Not to be overlooked is another release, this one by Heil Sound. The company announced its new BM-17 lightweight headset. It's available as either a single-side or dual-side model, and is available with either a dynamic mic element or an electret. The headset has many features that will make it attractive to amateur radio operators, contesters and DXers alike. Read more about these headsets at Heil Sound.

According to an ARRL announcement on 16 July 2018, Dan Craig, N6MJ, and Chris Hurlbut, KL9A, who operated as Y82V took third place in the recent WRTC contest. They racked up 506,461 points, putting 3,769 CW contacts and 1,052 phone contacts into their log. Chris posted recordings of their entire Y82V 24 hour operation and the log here. Caution, Google will be unable to scan for viruses due to the file size. I would suggest you download the audio files and scan them with your own anti-virus software just to be safe. (I'm personally pretty careful/anal about this stuff.)

Monthly News (SCCCORE)
July 2018
Our condolensces to family and friends of Joe Hypnarowski, W6VNR/ZF2AH. Joe passed away June 6 at 3:00 am at UCSD Jacobs ICU in La Jolla. While not currently a member of SCCC, he provided many contest QSOs over the years as ZF2AH, V3CQ, C5ABZ, T32AH and many other call signs. Joe was a member of the Southern California DX Club. A celebration of his life will be held July 21. Details sent on the club reflector.

Welcome aboard to new SCCC member W6ZL! David joins us from Newport Beach, CA, and happens to be QSL manager for 3D2KM, A35KL and KF6RY.


Monthly News (SCCCORE)
June 2018
Who remembers the name of the club bulletin back in the 1980's? That's right, SCCCORE. Southern California Contest Club Operations, Results and Enlightenments. It was suggested by Jim, N6TJ. It and others were submitted and voted on by club members as we decided on a new name for the club bulletin. By popular vote, SCCCORE came out on top. The name debuted with the March-April, 1983 issue. I am considering changing this Monthly News column to SCCCORE, and of course continuing to publish it monthly. Let me know your thoughts.

I'd like to thank Jim, AF6O for his many years as SCCC webmaster. Jim did a great job putting the web site together and keeping fresh content up. I'd also like to thank him for coaching me as we worked on transitioning duties. I'm still learning about proper formatting, something Jim drove home during his coaching. It's harder than it looks, despite my years of authoring other web sites! And thank you, Jim, for continuing to host the web site.

2017 WRTC Winners N6MJ and KL9A WRTC 2018 is July 14-15. Defending champions N6MJ and KL9A (standing in the picture to the left) will be back. N6TR will pair up with N9RV on NA Team 6. David Hodge, N6AN will be one of the referees. WRTC takes place during the IARU Championship (as a contest within a contest) and pits the world's currently most accomplished contesters against each other using similar stations and antennas, all within the same geographic region.

Monthly News
May 2018
NEW this month...

I will be looking to publish some Monthly News and blurbs in this space going forward. If you have anything you would like to share, please send to the webmaster. All contributions encouraged! Pics, thoughts, news, what you are doing with your station this season, observations, any & all are welcome!

2017 W6YI ARRL SS Congratulations go out to some SCCCers in the 2017 ARRL Sweepstakes CW!

K6LA was a Division winner in the Single Operator, High Power category.
KI6RRN placed 7th and was a Division winner in the Single Operator, Low Power category.
W6YI & team took top honors overall in the MultiOp, Single Transmitter, High Power category!

Shown here, left to right, N6KI, N6WIN and K6AM at the W6YI MSHP station.

The SBMS Microwave Contest - N6NB
May 2016
Probably not many SCCC members have ever gotten on the air to operate in the San Bernardino Microwave Society Contest, held last weekend (April 30-May 1), but they will surely recognize some of the calls of people who did get on for this exotic microwave contest.

As an organization, SBMS is a little like SCCC. It's a regional entity that attracts people from four or five counties to its meetings. As far as anyone knows, this club has never met in San Bernardino, but some of its founders (engineers in the postwar era) worked at a U.S. Navy research facility in Norco. They started meeting at the Corona American Legion Hall--and that tradition has continued for upwards of 50 years.              more
The Other Conference On April 14-17 - N6NB
April 2016
While about 800 contesters and DXers were gathered in Visalia, another amateur radio conference was under way on the opposite side of the United States. It was the VHF "Super Conference," a first-time event that was held near Washington, D.C.

The Super Conference resulted from a merger of the Eastern VHF Conference, sponsored by the Northeast Weak Signal Group (NEWS), the Mid-Atlantic VHF Conference, sponsored by the Mt. Airy VHF Radio Club (the Packrats) and the Southeast VHF Conference, sponsored by the Southeast VHF Society. Much of the work of hosting the conference was done by members of the Grid Pirates Contest Group (K8GP). Terry Price (W8ZN) and his wife Margie (K4MEP) seemed to be everywhere, pulling things together and solving problems. The event was held at the Dulles Airport Holiday Inn.

At the final count, 233 were registered for the Super Conference and a number of others dropped by.    more