A Collection of Old SCCC News Stories (Newest to Oldest)
The SBMS Microwave Contest - N6NB
May 2016
Probably not many SCCC members have ever gotten on the air to operate in the San Bernardino Microwave Society Contest, held last weekend (April 30-May 1), but they will surely recognize some of the calls of people who did get on for this exotic microwave contest.

As an organization, SBMS is a little like SCCC. It's a regional entity that attracts people from four or five counties to its meetings. As far as anyone knows, this club has never met in San Bernardino, but some of its founders (engineers in the postwar era) worked at a U.S. Navy research facility in Norco. They started meeting at the Corona American Legion Hall--and that tradition has continued for upwards of 50 years.              more
The Other Conference On April 14-17 - N6NB
April 2016
While about 800 contesters and DXers were gathered in Visalia, another amateur radio conference was under way on the opposite side of the United States. It was the VHF "Super Conference," a first-time event that was held near Washington, D.C.

The Super Conference resulted from a merger of the Eastern VHF Conference, sponsored by the Northeast Weak Signal Group (NEWS), the Mid-Atlantic VHF Conference, sponsored by the Mt. Airy VHF Radio Club (the Packrats) and the Southeast VHF Conference, sponsored by the Southeast VHF Society. Much of the work of hosting the conference was done by members of the Grid Pirates Contest Group (K8GP). Terry Price (W8ZN) and his wife Margie (K4MEP) seemed to be everywhere, pulling things together and solving problems. The event was held at the Dulles Airport Holiday Inn.

At the final count, 233 were registered for the Super Conference and a number of others dropped by.    more
ZD8 Operators at SCCC & OCRG Get Together - N6HC
March 2016
CQ World Wide WPX CW Claimed Scores
May 2015
         VY2TT(K6LA)    SOABHP     13,991,520             W6QU(W8QZA)    SOABQRP      653,221
         N5ZO           SOABHP      5,077,104             NE6I           SOAABHP      519,256
         W6TK           SOAABHP     3,611,046             N6AA           SOABHP       369,834
         K6NR           SOABHP      2,457,312             AI6O           SOABHP       340,101
         AH7T(N6MI)     SOABHP      2,066,075             WA6URY         SOABHP       322,964
         WA6KHK         SOAABHP     1,453,830             NK6A           SOAABHP      309,075
         WN6K           SOABLP      1,178,165             NC6Q           SOAABHP       86,020
         N6MU           SOABLP        660,104             W6KC           SOAABHP       44,250

         WQ6X (N6KI N6CY W6JBR WQ6X K4VU N0DY W6RW WB6NBU K4RB W6QEG)    M2HP       9,236,016

CQ World Wide DX Contest CW Claimed Scores
November 2014
            VY2TT(K6LA)     SOABHP    11,501,145            XE2MX           SOABLP       536,846
            ZD8O(N5ZO)      SOABHP    10,747,094            K7ACZ           SOABLP       457,595
            HR2J(N6AA)      SOABHP     7,087,350            W6YA            SOSBHP       447,435
            KH7M(N6TJ)      SOABHP     5,843,271            W6JK            SOABHP       319,716 
            K6NA            SOABHP     4,173,624            N6HE            SOABHP       286,620 
            W6PH            SOABAHP    4,020,624            K6DDJ           SOABHP       257,881
            W6TK            SOABAHP    1,776,600            W6QU(W8QZA)	    SOABQRP      233,079
            AA6PW           SOABAHP    1,554,630            WA6URY          SOABHP       134,693
            N6RV            SOABLP     1,476,200            NK6A            SOSBAHP      133,104
            WN6K            SOABLP       819,153            N6KI@NX6T       SOABAQRP     132,164
            WA6KHK          SOABALP      697,600            W6LEN           SOABLP        78,642
            W6UM            SOABHP       600,541            KI6QDH          SOABAHP       32,928

            N6MI@AF6O (N6MI, AF6O)                                          M1HP       1,564,028
n6mi During the CQ WW DX CW contest (November 29-30, UTC), Scott N6MI (little pistol) was guest operator at the AF6O (big gun) station in Pinon Hills, California (DM14ej).

With help from Jim (AF6O), Sheila, and Scamp (the dog), N6MI piloted the station to a gross score of 1,564,028. This included 1,456 QSOs, 120 total zones, and 268 country multipliers (80 through 10 meters).

N6MI’s best band was ten meters (428 QSOs, 30 zones, and 76 countries). Conditions were excellent on most bands, though N6MI recalls that conditions were “5% better” in the October CQ WW DX SSB. Both contests included long runs on 10 meters on Saturday morning (California time). Often, the biggest “problem” was where to point the beam because the bands were almost always open in more than one direction.

n6mi N6MI was very impressed with the twin AF6O delta loops on 40 meters. N6MI reports that some European stations just popped out of the noise on the EU-VK loop. N6MI‘s highlights include: being called by a VU2; working deep Asians during the entire contest; working Europe on 40 in the early evening; proper English tea breaks; breaking most pileups with the first or second call; the Sunday sunrise (windy with angry clouds); taking naps on a real bed (instead of the floor of the N6MI contest van); the luxury of operating without having to drive to a remote location in the ham van; and making AF6O laugh with silly CW frivolity.

N6MI had a macro for “AF6O is at the paddle” (to be played at appropriate times during the contest). N6MI acknowledges that his CW is substantially better on Saturday, when he is rested. N6MI was pleased with the meal service provided to guest operators; AF6O would not confirm that this service is available to all visitors.
CQ World Wide DX Contest SSB Claimed Scores
October 2014
            VY2TT(K6LA)      SOABAHP         9,441,090
            W6YI             SOABHP          2,485,120
            N6QQ             SOABHP          1,273,140
            N6RV             SOABLP          1,067,776
            N6MI+K6VCR       M1HP            1,025,387
            W6QU(W8QZA)      SOABQRP           343,869
            W6TK             SOSBAHP           335,895
            N6WS             SOABALP           328,280
            W6JK             SOABHP            319,658
            WA6KHK           SOABLP            262,782
            WA7BNM           SOSBLP            209,042
            WN6K             SOSBLP            149,073
            NK6A             SOSBHP             52,689
Breakdown of Radios and Loggers Used at WRTC
July 2014
          Radios Used at WRTC                      Loggers Used at WRTC
     K3             75      63.6%              Win-Test       40      67.8%
     FTDX5000       8        6.8%              N1MM           15      25.4%
     TS590          7        5.9%              Writelog       2        3.4%
     IC7600         6        5.0%              SkookumLogger  1        1.7%
     FT1000MP       6        5.0%              DXLog          1        1.7%
     IC7800         4        3.4%              TOTAL          59       100%
     IC756-3        4        3.4%
     FT1000D        2        1.7%
     FT3000         2        1.7%
     ORION II       2        1.7%
     IC7700         1        0.8%
     TS850          1        0.8%
     TOTAL          118      100%