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Contest Stations Around the World

The Rio DX Group PR1T - Felipe Ceglia PY1NB
March 2014
The Rio DX Group’s contest station project started in CQWW SSB 2006, the operators where only PY1NB and PY1ZV, using the callsign ZW1TT.

In this operation’s debriefing we decided to go on with the project, change the callsign to PR1T and evolve the modest “wires and tribander” setup to something a tad larger.

The project target was to have a minimally competitive contest station and a place to let new operators get their feet wet at HF contesting.

On CQWW SSB 2007 we made our debut. Still with a very modest setup, only one amplifier, manual antenna switching but now with a short 2 element 40m beam, We were still rookie operators, we joined the contest mainly to practice and learn.    more
The Torrent Contest Club ED5T - Duncan Lindsay EA5ON
March 2014
The Torrent Contest Club is a group of 7 active operators who have set up a modest contest station on the premises of the local chapter of the URE (Spanish equivalent of the ARRL) in Torrent, near the city of Valencia, on Spain’s east coast. We normally use ED5T as our contest call

First came the QTH. URE Torrent (URET) originally held its meetings and social activities in an apartment belonging to the local council. However, when the local police vacated their vantage point at the top of the hill that dominates the town, URET president EA5CVT was quick to point out that relocating the club to that QTH would be a win-win situation to all involved.

At that time there were two serious contesters in URET; Victor EA5KV and Dave EC5KXA. These two gentlemen set up first of all a small TH3 JR tribander to test the waters. First results looked good so they then put up an Explorer 14 on the 70’ free standing tower the police had left us. This looked better! Vic and Dave did a couple of monoband entries in different contests with very positive results.    more
The North Pole Contest Group - KL7RA
March 2014
Hello SCCC. The following is a description, highlights, plans and progress of the multi op station KL7RA located near the small village of Nikiski on the Kenai peninsula, south central Alaska.

Hopefully all SCCC members have worked KL7RA and the North Pole Contest Group in contests for the last 40 + years and we expect to work all of you in contests for many more.

The station was originally located in Fairbanks in four different locations from the 1970’s to 2004 but all were above 64 degrees north latitude directly under the aurora. We also suffered Arctic absorption and the bands would go silent for days on end after a CME event. We seldom had propagation on the 80 meter band due to winter E’s. Nevertheless we operated from an excellent location on a very high hill working stations others in the area could not hear so we stayed multi-op and often entered ten or more contests a year.    more
The ES5TV Contest Station - Tonno Vahk ES5TV
March 2014
I was born in a small town of Jogeva in central Estonia and brought into ham radio by my late father ES5JH at the age of 13 in 1991. I got my own license in 1992 as ES5RTV and upgraded to 'A' category a year later as ES5TV.

I started out with a home-made UW3DI type of radio (around 50 watts output) and a horizontal delta loop between two 5-storeyed houses in my hometown.

In the second half of the nineties I started my contesting career, taking part in operations from the ES5Q/ES6Q station in the hills of south-eastern Estonia. At the same time I started to build my station in the countryside close to Jogeva. By now the antenna farm has grown to include five large rotating towers as follows:    more
PJ2T: The Caribbean Contesting Consortium - W0CG/PJ2DX & N0YY
March 2014
Curacao, home of PJ2T, has a rich radio sport history. Situated about 40 miles north of the coast of Venezuela, the island location has hosted many winning contest efforts over the years.

The property is owned by Geoff, W0CG and the radio contest station is overseen by the Caribbean Contesting Consortium (CCC). The CCC is a contest club dedicated to fun, international friendship, and advancement of the contesting art through superior operating technique and maximum application of technology.

Starting in the early 70s, John Thompson – W1BIH, assembled teams of operators that represented the “who’s who” of DX contesting. The magical propagation from that location resulted in a many world high scores for contests year after year. The beginnings were humble with a simple tribander and wire antennas.    more
The Papa-3 Contest Club ED1R - Jesus Marquez EC1KR
February 2014
ED1R was founded in the summer of 2010. It is located in central Spain, in a small village of around 500 people in the province of Avila, about 100km from Madrid, 167km from the Portuguese border and 311km from the Atlantic ocean, towards North America. The village is around 1100m (about 3600ft) asl, on flat land and good takeoff towards North America.

The location is a small plot of land belonging to EC1KR’s father, in amongst a vegetable garden. Space is limited, around 300m². We started by planning 4 towers, and after doing the welding work for installing rotators and masts, installed them (one 23m high tower, one 16m high, and two 12m high). We then installed our first antennas, a 2 element M² yagi for 40m, 4 element monoband DXBEAMS for 20 and 15, and a 5 element DXBEAM for 10.

We also put in a lot of work to the shack. Currently we have a spacious four position operating area, sleeping space for 5, a shower and toilet, and a small work area.    more
9A1A: The big Signal from a Small Country (Croatia) - Petar Milicic 9A6A
February 2014
Those who have been active during the DX contests of the past few years are familiar with the big signal emanating from 9A1A near Zagreb, Croatia. The station is owned by the Croatian DX Club, whose members activate it for all major contests. Petar, 9A6A, has been kind enough to provide information about the club and the station

The Croatian DX Club consists of a few of the best radio amateurs in Zagreb and Croatia. Although first heard as 9A1A in the CQ WW DX Contest (SSB) in 1992, the members had been active before the war in Croatia as YT2R and YT2E.

The club began building the tower and antenna system more than 25 years ago. We had seen that if you put too many kilowatts into a bad antenna, you only make big QRM and the results won't be good so we decided to build a good antenna system. We felt we could win in all contests if we could hear the many thousands of US and JA stations that use less than 100 watts and a dipole antenna.    more
D4C Monteverde Contest Team - Luca Aliprandi IK2NCJ
April 2014
If you use to tune up the bands during main contest of the year you probably had the chance to copy and work “Delta four Charlie” callsign on all bands.

This call is used to identify a team specifically born for contesting: The “Monteverde Contest Team” It is composed of six members, HB9DUR Andrea, I4UFH Fabio, I4YSS Vic, IK2NCJ Luca, IZ4DPV Max and YL2KL Girts and started the activity in November 2007 when D4C was on-the-air during CQWW DX CW as M/2.

The station is located on the Island of Sao Vicente, one of the ten islands that make up the archipelago of Cape Verde. Monteverde is the name of the mountain where the station has been established.    more